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As your cake decorator, I agree to deliver the above described cake in a timely manner.  The following conditions apply: 

    *************** DELIVERY IS RECOMMEND FOR ALL TIERED CAKES***********

1) A non-refundable $25 deposit is required to hold the date and the current price. 50% of the total

 amount is due at booking to consider this an order and contract for services to be rendered on your

 behalf.  The remaining balance is due two (1-2) weeks prior to the delivery date for all wedding cakes

 and large special occasion cakes totaling more than $200.00 and 48 hours for all other orders under

 $200.  Any changes to this order must be made no later than two weeks prior to delivery for orders booked month(s) in advance, 24 hours for same week orders and 72 hours for orders placed two weeks in advance. 

  •  For any wedding or large special occasion cake order that is placed less than two weeks prior to expected delivery, full payment is due at the time the order is placed. 


  • For small cake and dessert orders totaling less than $200 ordered less than seven (7) days before expected delivery, full payment is due at the time the order is placed.

2)In the case of fresh flower usage on the cake, the responsibility of the flower safety and safe food practices will rest with the florist and NOT with CarnellsCakery LLC.  The person placing this order should obtain a notice of plant safety from the florist. 

3) *Contingent upon booking and setup arrangements* All rental items will be released to the care of the renter for a three (3) day period (unless otherwise specified).  The day of the event and up to two (2) days after.  A late fee of $25.00 per day will be imposed for each day the items are late.  Should any parts be not returned or damaged in any way, the renter will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the item. CarnellsCakery LLC will provide a list of all items rented.  

*Contingent upon booking and setup arrangements* The security deposit will be refunded when ALL rental items are cleaned by the renter and returned in the same condition the item was received.  If the items are not cleaned, a cleaning fee of $25.00 will be subtracted from the refunded security deposit.

 4) The colors PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, BLACK or any shade of these colors cannot be guaranteed.  These colors are unstable and tend to fade and/or bleed into surrounding colors and frostings.  There is also no guarantee for outdoor events.  (See Outdoor Disclaimer) 

5) Be Aware:  Ingredients or machinery may have come in contact with nuts, milk and wheat products.   

6) In the case of an unavoidable occurrence such as a car accident or poor road conditions during delivery, CarnellsCakery cannot be held liable for more than the price of the cake(s) described in this order. 

7) The Client will provide clear driving instructions to the location and inform CarnellsCakery of any adverse road hazards and/or obstacles that may hamper the delivery and quality of the finished cake(s).  Please Note:  Excessive jarring due to “pot holes”, road construction or unseen road conditions may damage the finished product or cause it to become unstable. 8) There is also a delivery/setup fee. This is required for cakes 2 tiers and up.  Other delivery fees will be assessed depending on where the cake is to be delivered, etc., for cakes other than wedding/tiered cakes.   9) Prices are subject to change, unless a deposit has been made “locking in” current price. 


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*PICK UP POLICY:  CarnellsCakery LLC responsibility ends when the cake is accepted and leaves our bakery. Full Payment must be received BEFORE pick up date. 

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